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Pivot Park and Spinnovation Analytical join forces to provide analytical solutions


Spinnovation Analytical B.V. and Pivot Park have entered into an agreement where Spinnovation will supply analytical services at the newly established life sciences park, while gaining access to Pivot Park's advanced analytical platform. Pivot Park, located on the former Organon/Schering Plough/MSD research site in Oss, the Netherlands, is a centre for open-innovation, where facilities, instruments and knowledge are made available to the pharmaceutical and biotech companies based on the site. Spinnovation will further support the park's research and productivity with its portfolio of analytical services specifically designed to address both the needs of the small-molecule pharmaceutical and the biopharmaceutical industries. The agreement will allow Spinnovation to expand and complement its extensive technology platform, thanks to exclusive access to several high-end analytical instruments.

Spinnovation's broad range of analytical solutions will be of great benefit to the projects based at Pivot Park. Spinnovation will cover the analytical needs of medicinal chemists focused on discovery programs and pre-clinical development, as well as those of Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs), by supporting Chemistry Manufacturing Control (CMC) activities. The extra NMR capacity and extended access to advanced NMR applications provided by Spinnovation, including 400MHz and 500MHz with cryoprobe and high-throughput sample changers, will enable cost effective shared-access to routine NMR analyses. The advanced NMR screening methods that Spinnovation will provide will also eventually facilitate access to rapid and efficient "hit-validation assays" as follow-ups to screening campaigns conducted at Pivot Park Screening Facility. Mass spectrometry capabilities at the park will be increased by the addition of advanced Q-TOF applications, particularly dedicated to supporting drug metabolite identification and biologics characterization. Overall, Spinnovation will add to the platform at Pivot Park by providing 500MHz NMR, ESI-TOF MS, HPLCs, LC-SPE and ICP-OES instruments.

The advanced facilities available at Pivot Park will also help Spinnovation to further strengthen and develop Spinnovation Biologics, a service offered to the European and US biopharmaceutical industry. Spinnovation Biologics is dedicated to the support of upstream process development, including the profiling of cell culture media for the production of biotherapeutics using Spedia-NMR™, troubleshooting issues in bioprocess with Spedia-Predict™ and performing simple to complex profiling and characterization of raw material, biologics and biosimilars.

"We are very excited to welcome Spinnovation who will facilitate access to advanced analytical applications for the Pivot Park tenants," commented Alie Tigchelhoff, Director of Pivot Park. "We have full confidence that Spinnovation's exceptional analytical solutions will support the growth of our companies and the spirit of research and development which the park has been designed for."

Frederic Girard, CEO of Spinnovation Analytical, said, "We are very pleased to be collaborating with Pivot Park and its members. We look forward to contributing to the success of the park and the exciting ventures and projects of its members through providing access to our unique range of solutions and expertise, as well as developing the unique services provided by Spinnovation Biologics."

Source: Spinnovation Analytical BV