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AQnowledge - Utopia Documents announce release of latest version of PDF viewer software


AQnowledge has announced the launch of Utopia Documents 2.0. This free scientific PDF reader, which is optimized for biomedical and life science literature, brings dynamic web enriching functionality to PDFs of scientific content, saving researchers valuable time and resources at the bench. This web based functionality is activated by simply highlighting any elements of text within the PDF. The researcher is then presented with link outs in real time to an ever expanding variety of highly relevant data sources, These include: Pubmed, NCBI databases, Protein databank, Uniprot, Google Scholar, AQnowledge - the supplier product database, amongst others. It is also possible to export tables into spreadsheet format, convert numerical tables into easy-to-read scatter plots and whenever available see the performance of articles via Altmetrics. Utopia's 'comment' function lets you participate in discussions that remain with the paper, avoiding the necessity to conduct off line discussions in separate blogs (Registration is only required for this function). Images, illustrations and bibliographic references within the PDF are swiftly managed.

For suppliers of laboratory equipment Utopia Documents 2.0 offers a new ROI based product marketing solution. Researchers reading any (except Bitmap) scientific PDFs are now able to click directly on company names and branded products mentioned in literature. In addition, where ever an association can be made in queried text in a scientific PDF, Utopia Documents will also provide links to the closest matched products drawn from AQnowledge's deep-link database.

A click on a company name mentioned in an application note, a protocol, primary research article or even a promotional PDF will provide a researcher with a link to the home page of the supplier mentioned. A click on any trademarked TM or branded product name mentioned in literature will provide a deep link URL within the side navigation bar of Utopia Documents reader window under the 'For the lab' tab.

As Utopia Documents 2.0 is free, those organizations that work regularly with research scientists; Publishers, Libraries and laboratory equipment suppliers are being encouraged to offer all research scientists they are in contact with the opportunity to enrich scientific articles simply by encouraging them to read their PDFs using Utopia Documents 2.0.

Even more sophisticated functionality has been deployed by the Biochemical Journal (Portland Press). Extra tags in their PDFs enable Utopia Documents to render pictures of protein and chemical structures into live, dynamic 3D visualizations. Other publishers have been invited to enrich their content in this manner too.

Utopia Documents 2.0 is usable in all scientific disciplines, but is currently especially optimized for the 'life-science-spectrum', including biochemistry. It's free, available for Mac, Windows, Linux. A demonstration video and a quick start guide will assist new comers to the software. Commencing in May, Utopia Documents will host an iPad draw. The winning researcher (registration is required to use the comment function) will be selected from the logs. Notification of the winner will be placed on the homepage.

Quelle: Academic Concept Knowledge (AQnowledge) Ltd.