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BlueInOneVis - new Bioprocessing-software for fermentations


The German company BlueSens is launching the new BlueInOneVis-software for bioprocesses. The application is a helpful tool for the work together with the combined CO2/O2 gas analyzers of the BlueInOne series. The program calculates many calculations and is a big assistance and labor saver in Bioprocessing.

Vital process indicators can be obtained in real-time by this new software. It calculates the Oxygen uptake rate (OUR), Carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and respiratory quotient (RQ) automatically by the collected data of the BlueInOne analyzer and the given process parameters. No additional corrections of the data or manual calculations will be needed.

BlueInOneVis calculates and visualizes all the essential process indicators by the data of your attached BlueInOne. It logs and visualizes all the data of up to 16 analyzers simultaneously. All the processes can be monitored fluently. Due to the combination with the BlueInOne gas analyzers precise measurements are guaranteed even under changing process conditions like changing temperatures or fluctuating pressures. All analyzers can be connected by a RS485 data bus to a single interface. The cable can be easily connected to a PC via a USB-adaptor for example. It is also possible to send the data of BlueInOneVis to a process control system for an automatic process control. This software is the perfect tool to run the BlueInOne and to awake all the possibilities you have got with the BlueInOne analyzer series.

Source: BlueSens gas sensor GmbH