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Open Access High Speed Imaging Bibliography


To demonstrate the wide range of applications being undertaken using its ultra-high speed imaging equipment - Specialised Imaging Ltd. has extended its online bibliography of research articles, application notes, videos and applications images.

The comprehensive open access resource should be of considerable interest to anyone using ultra-high speed imaging equipment to unlock the secrets behind ultra-high speed and transient events and processes.

Specialised Imaging Ltd's range of high resolution framing cameras, trajectory trackers, still cameras, image intensifiers and accessories open the door to exciting discoveries, ground breaking research and new measurement solutions in a wide range of applications areas.

Traditionally, ultra high-speed framing cameras have been deployed in the science of very fast phenomena, such as high voltage discharge, crack propagation, detonics, and hypervelocity particle-impact studies. These traditional sciences have now been joined by biomedical and botanical studies, nanotechnology, and space research. By comparison ultra-high speed still cameras are often the imaging equipment of choice for applications including Ballistics, Detonics, Impact Studies, Spray Particle Analysis as well as Material Research into Elasticity, Crack Propagation and shock resistance.

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Source: Specialised Imaging