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BUCHI received InterLabTec Award 2011 in the category "chemical-physical analysis"


BUCHI Labortechnik has recently received the InterLabTec-Award 2011 for outstanding achievements in the category "chemical-physical analysis". The prize was awarded for the development of the SpeedExtractor for high pressure extraction in residual analysis.

High pressure extraction prevents solvents from entering into the gaseous phase. The new models E-914 and E-916 can extract up to six samples simultaneously. The extraction cells will hereby seal automatically. This feature puts an end to the complicated manual closure of extraction vessels, which used to be prone to errors. Operating with collection vessels of different sizes allows for the concentration or drying of samples, usually the next step in the workflow, to be conducted immediately and without any need for a transfer of samples. The new model is a breakthrough in alleviating the immense work load and pressure of time in residual laboratories as well as offering enhanced security during the analysis process.

Source: BÜCHI Labortechnik AG