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The newly revamped TES information portal: how to safely handle dangerous goods


Hazardous goods travel on Germany's roads, railways and waterways every day - more than 350 million tons annually. In order to increase the safety of these transports, BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) provides a lot of information about this topic online. TES (Technical Safety) information is directed at all parties involved - manufacturers, carriers and end users of dangerous goods - as well as the general public. The portal has now been completely revamped.

There are four major areas of emphasis dedicated to the different types of containment systems: among them are dangerous goods packagings, containers for radioactive substances, pressure vessels and pressure equipment, tanks and containers, as well as the evaluation of their materials.

On TES, manufacturers of dangerous goods packagings can get information on how to obtain certifications for their products. End users can get assistance in their search for suitable packaging. In addition, there are references to regulations, standards and international rules. The service area provides outlines on current developments, events and training centres. A link portal points to further information sources on the internet.

New summary pages for each topic facilitate quick preliminary research and describe which information is available. In the future, the information portal will also include practical manuals for manufacturers, authorities and testing centres.

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Source: Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)