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New Advanced Fluoroaromatics Brochure


Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, has published a new Advanced Fluoroaromatics brochure that highlights Alfa Aesar's offering of over 350 new fluoroaromatic compounds.

Alfa Aesar is the exclusive distributor of research quantities of these novel fluoroaromatics from JRD Fluorochemicals, which has been active in the development of these compounds for some 30 years. Alfa Aesar offers thousands of additional fluorine compounds from its catalog of over 30,000 products.

It has been widely reported that around 20% of all pharmaceuticals and at least 30% of agrochemicals on the market contain fluorine. Amongst recently introduced products, the proportions are even higher. Although a range of more readily handled and selective fluorinating agents is available, in many cases the target molecule may be more conveniently attained in fewer steps by utilizing fluorinated building blocks available from commercial sources, among which Alfa Aesar offers one of the largest ranges.

Source: Alfa Aesar