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Dionex and Merck Millipore Announce Distribution Agreement for Ion Chromatography Water Purification System


Dionex and Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA of Germany, announced the signing of a worldwide distribution agreement for the Merck Millipore ICW-3000™ water purification system for Dionex ion chromatography (IC) systems using RFIC-EG™ technology.

Dionex Corporation is now able to sell the ICW-3000 water purifier and consumables directly to customers globally. The ICW-3000 system was designed by Merck Millipore specifically as an ultrapure water source for Dionex Reagent-Free™ IC systems with the powerful and convenient "Just Add Water" technology that eliminates the need for eluent preparation. The purification system's easy installation with simple plumbing and control by the Dionex IC system make it very convenient to use.

The ICW-3000 system provides a continual flow of ultrapure water to the eluent generator and separately for regeneration of the suppressor for up to two analytical-scale IC systems. Water in the 10 L reservoir is constantly purified, reducing ionic contaminants, as well as organics, to very low levels. This sharply decreases interferences and improves experiment reproducibility and sensitivity. Concerns about system contamination caused by water of questionable purity are eliminated.

"This water purification system is ideal for capillary IC analysis on the new Dionex ICS-5000 Capillary IC system," explains Stéphane Dupont, Merck Millipore Product Manager. "The ICS-5000 system has a very low demand for eluent water, and the continuous purification by the ICW-3000 water purification system provides ultrapure water for extended periods without refilling," he adds.

Operators can have complete confidence their IC systems will have high quality water to enhance instrument performance and reliability," says Bernard Sheldon, IC System Product Manager at Dionex. "With no worries about eluent contamination, and with total integration of the water purifier with the IC system, this is truly set-and-forget chromatography."

Source: Merck Millipore