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WITec Academy Established - Advanced Customer Training Program


WITec, a manufacturer of high-resolution optical and Scanning Probe Microscopy solutions, has established the WITec Academy as a new forum for advanced instrument and software operation training. It offers a variety of basic and expert level courses covering the entire range of WITec products and potential applications. Experienced and new users can both benefit from a graded course structure with seminars and extensive hands-on training sessions. The full day courses are held frequently throughout the year in order to accommodate the attendees' schedules. Small group sizes for each course guarantee individual mentoring for the most thorough instruction. Participants in WITec Academy will receive training materials and a certificate of attendance. With the opening of WITec Academy, WITec provides another after sales service component for productive and innovative research in the fields of Confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Probe Microscopy.

"WITec Academy is an excellent forum for WITec users to update and improve their system and software operation knowledge", says Dr. Thomas Dieing, Director Customer Support at WITec. "By visiting the WITec Academy courses, attendees will also be able to keep pace with the ongoing developments in this highly dynamic field." WITec Academy covers entry and advanced level instrument and software training courses for Confocal Raman Imaging as well as AFM and SNOM. An advanced Confocal Raman Spectroscopy data and image processing course will cover all aspects of spectral data evaluation.

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Source: WITec GmbH