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Grace Receives Innovation Award for REVELERIS™ system


A research and development team at W. R. Grace & Co. has received an Innovator of the Year Award from The Daily Record. The award acknowledges the team's work on the design, development and launch of the REVELERIS™ flash chromatography system (patents pending). The REVELERIS™ system is used by medicinal chemists during the purification of compounds that may become new drugs. With proprietary detection and cartridge technologies, the REVELERIS™ system helps yield more samples with fewer impurities in less time, ultimately assisting pharmaceutical companies to bring potentially life saving medications to market sooner.

The award is presented annually to 25 individuals, teams, agencies or companies for their innovative impact in the business world and local community. Recipients are selected by a review committee overseen by The Daily Record, a business journal that has been published for 121 years in Maryland.

Joanne Green, Vice President of Grace Davison Discovery Sciences, with global oversight of the REVELERIS product, officially accepted the award at a community event held at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland on October 14.

She said, "I am extremely pleased to accept this award on behalf of the entire Grace organization. Around the world, we are focused on finding innovative solutions to the needs of our customers and communities."

She continued, "I'd like to especially thank the team responsible for REVELERIS. They worked with colleagues, customers, universities and suppliers in the spirit of open innovation and created a product that I am proud and excited to have in our business portfolio."

Source: W. R. Grace & Co.