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Merck launches innovative SeccoSept closure for dried solvents


Merck KGaA has developed and launched an innovative septum closure for its SeccoSolv® dried solvent range under the name SeccoSept.

SeccoSept™ incorporates a special cap that can be rotated over a precisely fitted septum (a teflon-coated silicone sealing disk). Five apertures in the rotating cap expose extra-large circular areas of septum each for repeated puncturing. This represents a major benefit compared to smaller septum areas which are prone to irreversible damage when punctured repeatedly. The silicone used in SeccoSept™ has outstanding self-sealing properties that allow rapid sealing of the puncture site.

A further innovation is that the rotating cap allows each of the five septum areas to be selected in turn, so that only the area that is currently being used is exposed. After removing the solvent the user turns the cap to the closed position - now the fresh puncture site is immediately protected from potential contaminants. This feature is unique among solutions currently on the market.

A security ring on the screw closure and the seal on the cap opening remove any doubt as to whether the product has been opened previously. The SeccoSept™ closure thus ensures that the solvent is in perfect condition - before, during and after opening.

When needed, the rotating cap permits one-handed operation of the septum bottle. If larger quantities of solvent need to be withdrawn, it is possible to remove the cap altogether. SeccoSept™ is offered as an alternative to the closure system currently used for the SeccoSolv® line. The product has been submitted for patenting.

The dried, ready-to-use solvents in the SeccoSolv® range are essential for many laboratory and manufacturing applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and at universities. These are products of highest purity and extremely low water content for use in organic syntheses and Karl Fischer titrations, for instance, as well as in DNA/RNA synthesis. Dried solvents also find widespread use in quality control applications.

Source: Merck KGaA