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JRC-IRMM and NIST strengthen their collaboration


On the 4th and 5th September the IRMM welcomed leading US scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In the latest of a series of biennial coordination meetings, the two institutes discussed ways to coordinate their research and development programmes in metrology.

In the frame of a collaboration agreement signed between the two institutes in December 2007, the aim of this meeting was to provide an update about ongoing research and development projects in the area of reference materials and to discuss further cooperation in their preparation and characterisation.

Topics under discussion included food contaminants and nutrients, biofuels , standards for genomics and proteomics as well as joint activities within international organisations.

The meeting underlined the global dimension of JRC-IRMM's work. Comparability of measurement and testing results from around the world depends on a framework of international measurement standards. Reference materials play an essential role in establishing and ensuring the accuracy and comparability of measurements.

Source: Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)