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10 years InProcess Instruments


InProcess Instruments, a leading global provider of specialised quadrupole mass spectrometers for online gas analysis, celebrates its 10th anniversary. In January 1998, Wolfgang Hrosch and Bernd Laser established InProcess Instruments Gesellschaft für Prozessanalytik mbH. The Bremen-based company initially started with three just people. Today, it employs over 20 highly qualified specialists.

At the heart of the company's philosophy are highest product quality, reliable service, dedicated application support and continuous research and development. From the very beginning, InProcess Instruments focused on the provision of customised solutions for process analysis, mainly in industrial and research environments. Today, the company's team of experts including chemists, physicists and engineers develops and manufactures reliable quadrupole mass spectrometer technology for industrial applications according to customer specifications. The company's specialist technicians provide on-site service all over the world.

The main fields of application of the equipment are online process monitoring and control, quality monitoring, environmental control as well as process development, research and laboratory analyses. The company supplies mainly customers in the chemical industry, steel manufacturers and processors, metallurgical companies, gas suppliers and research institutes. The range of products also includes equipment for specialised applications, for example in glass and light bulb production. A new target group are industrial biotechnology firms and companies in the pharmaceutical sector.

The product range for online gas analysis consists of eight different equipment groups, from multi-component gas analysers and process analysis systems to high-sensitivity gas analysers for use in quality assurance for the measurement of concentrations in the low ppm or percentage range. These quadrupole mass spectrometers are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, the company offers highly specialised equipment such as gas inclusion and lamp gas filling analysers as well as a flexibly configurable mass spectrometer. The business philosophy of InProcess Instruments is based on personal and professional cooperation with its customers in the spirit of real partnership and a focus on long-term application support.

Source: InProcess Instruments GmbH