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eMolecules Announces Version 2.0 of its Chemical Search Engine


eMolecules, Inc., provider of the world's largest online database of chemical structures, today announced version 2.0 of its chemical search engine. An improved user interface and dozens of new features make it easier than ever for chemistry professionals to find and use the information they need.

With an expanded database of over 6 million compounds from 150 suppliers, eMolecules provides the world's most comprehensive chemical structures database. And unlike other providers, eMolecules is freely accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time.

Version 2.0 includes additional sources of valuable data, including ACDlogP calculations and updated catalogs from key suppliers such as Sigma-Aldrich, Analyticon Discovery and Life Chemicals. The improved user interface allows faster searching by chemical structures, and a new ability to browse by chemical categories. List management allows users to save, store, and share search results, or export them in Excel, SDF or SMILES formats for additional processing.

A new eCommerce feature allows users to create shopping carts and instantly request online price quotes from chemical suppliers who participate in the eMolecules Hosted Catalog service. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, eMolecules 2.0 supports secure HTTPS browser connections with 128-bit encryption.

eMolecules Web-based architecture allows timely (usually weekly) database updates, providing searchers and chemical suppliers with unsurpassed accuracy and currency compared to industry alternatives.

"With eMolecules 2.0 we've taken a major leap in delivering the powerful chemistry search tools that modern users demand," said Klaus Gubernator, President and CEO of eMolecules. "With major improvements in technology, content, ease of use, and supplier integration, eMolecules offers unparalleled value to chemistry professionals and chemical suppliers worldwide. We think it's easy to see why eMolecules is the destination of choice for an increasingly large number of chemistry searchers."

Source: eMolecules, Inc.