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PerkinElmer Acquires Improvision Ltd.


PerkinElmer, Inc. announced that it has acquired Improvision Ltd. in a cash transaction. Based in Coventry, United Kingdom, Improvision is a leading provider of cellular imaging software and integrated hardware solutions used in life sciences research. The company had revenue of approximately GBP 6 million (BPS) in 2006.

A major challenge facing cell biologists and researchers today is the efficient management of the abundance of data derived from high content screening (HCS) and advanced confocal microscopy. The addition of Improvision's robust 3D imaging and analysis software to PerkinElmer's advanced HCS systems will provide customers with an unmatched range of powerful, easy-to-use imaging solutions for analyzing cellular events - from real-time imaging of live cells to rapid high content screening of multiple samples.

"This acquisition strengthens our leading capability in the fast-growing field of advanced cellular sciences," said Gregory L. Summe, chairman and chief executive officer, PerkinElmer, Inc. "PerkinElmer now provides pharmaceutical and academic researchers with a single source for imaging and analysis solutions that will help increase their understanding of disease mechanisms at the cellular level, potentially speeding the development of new therapies for conditions such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and cancer."

Improvision's flagship offering is Volocity(R), a high-performance, high-throughput 3D and 4D imaging software solution that allows users to capture, visualize and analyze images of dynamic cell-based processes, as well as integrated software and hardware solutions for the control and analysis of microscopy systems. Volocity complements PerkinElmer's UltraVIEW(R) Live Cell Imaging system, which captures high-speed, high-resolution, multi-dimensional images of live biological samples including cultured cells, tissues and embryos. Additionally, Improvision provides integrated software and hardware solutions for microscopy systems control and data analysis.

This announcement also builds upon PerkinElmer's recent acquisition of Evotec Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance cellular screening systems. PerkinElmer now offers Evotec Technologies' Opera(TM) High Content Screening platform, a premier tool for high content analysis that combines the precision of confocal microscopy with the throughput required for primary and secondary screening. The product portfolios of Improvision and Evotec Technologies will be integrated and fully supported by PerkinElmer's highly regarded sales and service organization.

Source: PerkinElmer Instruments