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BioTek Instruments opens its Online Customer Resource Center


Continuing the company's practice of superior customer service and support, BioTek Instruments has launched an online Customer Resource Center (CRC). Designed to provide customers with access to information about their specific BioTek microplate instrumentation and software, this website makes it easier for customers to acquire relevant and necessary information immediately.

"BioTek's Customer Resource Center is a result of our commitment to providing outstanding customer support and personal attention," stated Briar Alpert, BioTek Instruments President and CEO. "This provides our customers with a remarkable individual experience that just isn't provided by our competitors."

On the secure CRC site, customers can maintain an inventory of their products to access warranty information, user manuals and software updates as well as technical and application information. Additionally, product orders and service maintenance can be easily tracked and managed. Service updates are provided in a user-friendly format, and other technical support needs can be requested.

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Source: BioTek Instruments GmbH