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Calibrants for mycotoxin analysis available


IRMM has released for distribution four certified calibrants for mycotoxin analysis: aflatoxin B1 (ERM-AC057), aflatoxin B2 (ERM-AC058), aflatoxin G1 (ERM-AC059) and aflatoxin G2 (ERM-AC060) in acetonitrile.

Aflatoxins are naturally occurring contaminants in food and feed of plant origin, produced by various fungal species. They are potent liver carcinogens and are therefore classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The maximum allowed level of several mycotoxins is regulated on a European level. For instance the European Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 defines maximum levels for aflatoxins in food and European Directive (EC) No 32/2002 for animal feed.

ERM-AC057, ERM-AC058, ERM-AC059 and ERM-AC060 will allow the calibration of detection systems like fluorescence detectors, mass spectrometers and ELISA readers for aflatoxin measurements. These certified calibrants help to obtain comparable analytical results and allow calibration free of bias.

All four calibrants were produced gravimetrically after a thorough assessment of the identity and purity of the raw materials. The certified value is based on the gravimetric preparation verified by independent measurements. The uncertainty of the certified value includes contributions from preparation steps and also from the purity and stability assessments. Preparation and certification of ERM-AC057, ERM-AC058, ERM-AC059 and ERM-AC060 are described in detail in the certification report.

The materials have been processed and certified according to the ISO Guides 34 and 35.

Source: Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)