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IBO Design Award for Q.Instruments' thermo shaker RIO


The IBO (Instrument Business Outlook) Gold Award 2007 for excellence in industrial design of laboratory equipment, has been awarded to Q.Instruments' personal micro thermo shaker RIO. The award honors individuality, creativity and a high degree of innovation of the product design.

The benchtop shaker RIO is a completely novel designed shaker with a streamlined design that represents a successful synthesis of functionality and esthetics. In the development of the thermo shaker special attention was paid to homogeneous temperature profile, efficient and vibration-free small volume mixing and ergonomic design.

In the Q.Instruments RIO, used for temperature control and mixing of probes, compact, space-saving design is combined with extremely short heating and cooling rates, high mixing speed and intuitive handling. The time necessary for processing probes is thereby considerably reduced while reproducibility is enhanced.

Submissions for the IBO Design Award have been requested annually since 2001 and prizes have been awarded to internationally exceptional design performances of the most varied laboratory instruments. It is one of the most well-known design competitions in the world.

The award-winning instrument RIO will be displayed at the Ilmac show, 25-28 September in Basel and at the BioTechnica show, 9-11 October in Hanover.

Source: QUANTIFOIL Instruments GmbH