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FTIR Spectrometer for Routine Analysis, Industry and Science: INVENIO

Infrared spectroscopy has become an essential tool for most analytical and research applications. Until now, industrial and scientific users were often forced to compromise on instrumentation in regards of specifications, usability or even worse performance. This ends now.

The INVENIO is Bruker's novel platform approach to FTIR spectroscopy offering excellent performance, super-easy operation, full customizability and the option to upgrade accessories and functionalities. It is innovation in its purest form: state-of-the-art, powerful and efficient.

INVENIO S Touch 1Performance and Productivity united at last

In daily routine, be it scientific or industrial, you need efficiency and precision - no doubt about that. The INVENIO offers multiple tools to make your life easier on your way to analytical success.

Productivity features:

  • Optional Touch-PC powered by OPUS-TOUCH and smart analytical workflows
  • Transit™ channel for parallel availability of two sampling techniques
  • PermaSure™ for automatic system monitoring and self-testing
  • PerformanceGuard™ to guarantee unrestricted performance
  • CenterGlow™, RockSolid™ and SoC-electronics for years of optimal operation

Performance features:

  • Premium opto-mechanical and electronic components for best signal to noise
  • Rapid Scan, Step Scan and Slow Scan for superior time-resolved spectroscopy
  • BRUKER FM technology covering 6000 to 80 cm-1 in a single measurement
  • MultiTec™ detector technology to cover the whole spectral range from FIR to VIS/UV
  • Multiple software selectable exit and input beams (up to 4 exit and 2 input)
  • User exchangeable DigiTec™ detector slot for LN2 cooled or other detectors

With up to seven internal detectors and handy features like an improved QuickLock™ mechanism, magnetically mounted electronic windows, 8-position validation wheel and so much more, the INVENIO is not only combining productivity and performance - it is reinventing them.

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