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Artificial intelligence in proteomics


Pioneers of Omics is a new, ongoing event series designed to celebrate the important contributions of young, early career researchers in the exciting fields of multi-omics. Each session will take a particular field of omics research and showcase some of the exciting research being undertaken from around the world.

In recent years the increasing analytical capabilities of mass spectrometry has demonstrated the power to generate huge amounts of data, but the spectra are complex, often containing fragments from multiple co-isolated peptides. In order to deeply mine these proteomic data sets and confidently maximise the number of peptide-spectrum matches (PSMs), new approaches utilising artificial intelligence are needed. The CHIMERYS™ search engine allows for a more complete analysis of both new and existing proteomics data sets by uncovering more unique peptide identifications, improving protein coverage and quantitation capabilities. This enhancement enables more efficient data acquisition schemes for increased sample throughput and instrument utilization. .

Time: 10.00 - 12.00 CEST

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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Seminar (online)

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