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Improve your batteries with surface treatment and analysis


Do you want to meet the ever-growing challenges in battery production? Do you want to fully exploit the performance potential of your batteries? Then you should join the free PlasmaTalk How to Reliably Improve Cell Wetting Rates and Adhesive Bonds in Battery Production hosted by and in cooperation with Plasmatreat.

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  • Openair-Plasma® - what does it do on active material?
  • How reliable wetting improves the performance of batteries.
  • How surface an interfacial analyses document these effects
  • Outlook: Increasing energy density through Openair-Plasma® treatment for more powerful batteries without increasing size

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  • Lukas Buske, Head of Plasma Applications at Plasmatreat, explains how Openair-Plasma® can be used to improve the wetting behavior of the active material to optimize battery performance. Referring to the results of the publicly funded project SurfaLIB - Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries by Modification of the Electrode Surfaces.
  • Battery optimization can be measured! Dr. Daniel Frese, Application Market Manager at KRÜSS, will show how to quickly prove the success of plasma treatment with the Mobile Surface analyzer - MSA. Moreover, he will explain how analyses of porous material with a Force Tensiometer - K100 can help speed up the usually slow filling-up process with the electrolyte.
  • To complete the picture of the opportunities Openair-Plasma® has to offer the topic successful cell to cell bonding will also be illustrated.

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