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Optimizing methodologies in LA U-Pb analysis by HR-ICP-MS


Uranium-lead geochronology provides key insight into the timing and rates of various geological processes throughout the Earth's evolution. In-situ U-Pb dating by laser ablation ICP-MS offers the advantages of fast sampling of the target mineral phase, high lateral spatial resolution, and precise isotopic ratio measurement (when the ultimate precision of a multi-collector instrument is not required).

The technique is ideally suited for high-throughput studies and to resolve zircon crystals with complex internal zonation. This webinar highlights the latest advances in U-Pb analysis of zircons by in-situ laser ablation sector field using the Thermo Scientific™ Element™ XR, with a focus on optimizing methodologies using the Jet Interface.

Time: 17.00 - 18.00 CEST or on-demand

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Thermo Fisher Scientific
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