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High sensitivity Silicon QC using FT-IR Spectroscopy (Part 2)

For decades, research and development (R&D) has propelled the rapid pace of innovation in the semiconductor industry for developing new materials and improving manufacturing process. In many application fields, such as renewable energy (photovoltaics or hydrogen technology), aerospace and electronics, semiconductors (especially silicon) serve as fundamental and indispensable material. On the other hand, to ensure high efficiency and product quality, silicon quality control in form of identification and quantification of impurities, detection of defects or functionality test of optical devices becomes a crucial and demanding task in semiconductor industry.

For semiconductor QC, among other techniques, FT-IR spectroscopy stands out as an easy and effective tool. Bruker provides a broad product portfolio to help innovating in development and process control. Phonon spectroscopy, photoluminescence, studies of band gap and electronic features using bench-top spectrometers reveal valuable information on crystal structure and quality. All-in-one Si QC system or at-line ingot analyzer dedicated for industrial environment, are highly sensitive, easy to use and optimized for saving cost in the manufacturing process.

In this free-of-charge two-part webinar we will introduce you Bruker's high sensitivity solutions for semiconductor quality control using FT-IR spectroscopy. Bench-top or at-line systems, measuring at low temperature or room temperature, Bruker can provide the suitable instrument.

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