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Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) : Principle and application for nanotrace multielement quantification and isotopic measurements

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry, ICP-MS, is routinely used in a broad range of fields such as environment, geochemistry, agriculture, nuclear or semi-conductors. In addition, ICP-MS is blooming in biological fields with for example trace elements bioimaging, metal-based pharmaceutics analyses, sulfur and phosphorus quantification in proteins (proteomics), metabolomics, mass cytometry. Simultaneous multielement quantification and isotopic analyses being more and more common in analytical laboratories, the course is specifically designed for future users.

The attendees will discover the functioning and theoretical bases of an ICP-MS instrument as well as several chemical and biological applications. The advantages (sensitivity, hyphenation with separation techniques) and the limitations (interferences, matrix effects) of the techniques will be detailed.

Target Group:

Chemistry or physics laborants, university degrees, HES or engineers in chemistry and analytical chemistry.


  • Sample preparation
  • ICP ionization source
  • Mass analyzers (quadrupole, triple quadrupole, time of flight, magnetic sector),
  • Detection (electron multiplier, Faraday cage, scintillators)
  • Signal processing (external and internal calibrations, standards, mass bias)
  • High mass resolution and isotopes analyses (magnetic sector and multi-collection)
  • Applications (biology, organic chemistry, earth sciences, environment and inorganic chemistry)


Theoretical course, discussions and interactive quiz comprising practical and case examples. The course will start with a round table between the attendees on their analytical needs and specific applications.

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