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Measurement Uncertainty of quantitative determinations derived by cultivation of microorganisms


The purpose of the guide is to help laboratories engaged in routine microbiological analysis to calculate uncertainties of their test results. Only tests based on counting colonies or other discrete entities are considered.

In everyday speech "uncertainty" has wide connotations, even in the context of analytical measurements. In this treatise, measurement uncertainty is considered. Other uncertainties, such as the uncertainty of identifying the object of measurement (the target organism), are not considered.

With the help of this guide, it should be possible to obtain a numerical estimate of uncertainty for each individual test result. Also, advise is given on the estimation of major systematic errors.

The microbiological advisory group of the Advisory Commission for Metrology founded a special task group for measurement uncertainty with the undersigned as chairman and Maarit Niemi (Finnish Environment Institute) as secretary. The other members were Suvi Bühler (HYKS Diagnostics), Sari Hemminki (Safety Technology Authority), Seija Kalso (Helsinki Environment Centre), and Antti Nissinen (Keski-Suomen keskussairaala). The group was very helpful during the development work of the guide. An ad hoc uncertainty workshop with Seija Kalso, Kirsti Lahti (Finnish Environment Institute), Tuula Pirhonen (EELA) and Pirjo Rajamäki (Helsinki University, Department of Applied Chemistry and Microbiology) that met with the chairman and secretary to try out in practice the principles written out in the guide was of great help.

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Quelle: AQS Baden-Württemberg