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SmartExtraction - A New Technology for Automated Extraction of Nucleic Acids

Dr. Timo Hillebrand - Analytik Jena AG (12:30-13:10 Uhr - Vortragsraum 2.33)

Dr. Timo Hillebrand

SmartExtraction is a novel and unique technology for isolation of nucleic acids from a broad range of starting materials. SmartExtraction don't need spin filter columns, magnetic beads, phenol/chloroform or silica slurry. The nucleic acids bind on surface of a special modified material (smart modified surface). Because of its simplicity the new technology is ideal for using it in automated extraction workflows. The unique extraction chemistry in combination with the smart modified material is optimized to get a maximum of yield and quality. Further, isolated DNA is a high molecular DNA and so ideal for single molecule sequencing technologies.