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Hints and tips for efficient purification of your antibodies and His-tagged proteins

Anna Heijbel - Bio-Works (14:45-15:25 Uhr - Vortragsraum A)

Anna Heijbel

Allow us to present a rapid way to purify large amounts of antibodies using a chromatography resin with high dynamic binding capacity. Removing for example HCP (host cell proteins), HCD (host cell DNA) and endotoxins to ensure high purity and yield of your antibodies is very important for their further use. This can be tricky, but can now be done relatively easily by adding a novel chromatography step. At the same time, you will also prolong the lifetime of your Protein A column, which is important of course for maintaining a reasonable budget.

Problems with the purity and yield of your His-tagged proteins? Is nickel-charged resin the optimal purification step for you? We will show you some alternatives with different immobilized metal ions and also give you several other hints and tips for improving your His-tagged protein purifications. For example, the importance of the length of the tag, and removing factors that disturb the binding of your sample before the purification starts.