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Extension of rotarus® pump family

Intelligent dispensing and delivery of liquids

An universal product family is available with a selection of different motors, pump heads, varying housing protection classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes, covering a broad spectrum of application areas in the lab or industry.

New: Economical single and multi-channel pump heads

New available in the comprehensive Hirschmann program are the economical single and multi-channel pump heads. The pump heads made of durable PPS plastics are suitable for stopper tubing or regular pump tubing, cut to the desired length.

Three rotarus® sets at an interesting price

rotarus pumpFor launching the new pump head serie three sets of a rotarus® smart pump drive each with a pump head at an interesting introductory price are available:

  • rotarus® smart 30 with pump head PKF 60-16-3
  • rotarus® smart 30 with pump head MKF 60-4-8
  • rotarus® smart 40 with pump head PKF 60-24-3

rotarus® smart Drives

rotarus® drives can be easily integrated in an existing laboratory environment or production system.

The pump housing can also be attached to a stand or stacked. Speed and the most important parameters can be programmed directly on the panel and TFT-touchscreen on the housing front.

  • rotarus® smart 30 is a precise delivery pump, ideal for the delivery of low-viscosity media, 10-350 1/min.
  • rotarus® smart 40 is a powerfull delivery pump with a 2-stage planetary gearbox and ideal for even higher-viscosity media, 3-200 1/min.

Pump head series PKF/MKF 60

One of the two MKF 60 adapter-sets is necessary to attach the pump head to the Hirschmann rotarus® drives. Pump heads from other manufacturers can also be fitted without difficulty using an adapter.

  • Pump head serie PKF 60: Simple and easy loading of the tubing. With 3 rolls. For tubes with a wall thickness up to 1.6 mm.
  • Pump head serie MKF 60: With sturdy tubing cassettes and set screw for the adjustment of the flow rate. With 8 rolls. For stopper tubing.

Like for all Hirschmann laboratory devices there are also for this pump sets a comprehensive accessories range available, which is perfectly adapted to the laboratory environment.

You can start dispensing with the pedal switch and have both hands free for work on the laboratory table.The stand holder also facilitates use of rotarus® in a stand assembly. The stacking aid can be used for stacking 2 or more rotarus®.

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