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Raman Microscopy and Imaging gets straightforward: SENTERRA II

Whether quality control, failure analysis, research and development or routine in regulated industries, the confocal Raman microscope SENTERRA II is the right choice.


  • Clear and fast results thanks to smart software
  • Easy handling by high automation and permanent calibration
  • Spectral reference libraries facilitate the identification of unknown samples
  • Accurate and fast Raman Imaging
  • Unsurpassed wave number stability
  • Full compliance with cGMP / GLP / GDocP and 21 CFR p11

Your application is the benchmark

The SENTERRA II analyzes countless types of samples and thus allows a wide range of possible applications for the detection, identification, differentiation, and distributional analysis of organic as well as inorganic materials.

It combines valuable molecular information with brilliant microscopic images. As a nondestructive analysis method, it finds application in:

  • Pharmaceutical industries and drug discovery
  • Polymer production and processing
  • Materials science and surface analysis (CNTs)
  • Forensics and life-science
  • Analysis of art objects and their restoration

Comfortable operation and high efficiency - without distractions

The SENTERRA II supports you while solving complex analytical questions. The workflow is as easy and result-oriented as possible to help you get swift results in your daily work.

The intuitive software displays only the necessary information in order to keep the user interface as lean and tidy as possible.

It has never been easier to get clear and accurate results with such speed and convenience.

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