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New products from laboratory, environment, chemistry, life science and quality control

Bruker Optik GmbH
FTIR Spectrometer for Routine Analysis, Industry and Science: INVENIO
Infrared spectroscopy has become an essential tool for most analytical and research applications. Until now, industrial and scientific users were often forced to compromise on instrumentation in re...

Analytik Jena AG
PlasmaQuant MS - Mass Spectrometer for Research Applications Demanding Highest Sensitivity and Lowest Detection Limits
The PlasmaQuant MS series offers two high-performance models with lowest operating cost. At the heart of the PlasmaQuant MS is the patented ReflexION, 90° reflecting ion optics providing industry-l...

Analytik Jena AG
High-Resolution Array ICP OES - high-performance elemental analysis
PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000 is an ICP OES spectrometer with high-resolution array technology for the elemental analysis of demanding samples. Building on technological advances, a smart bench-top design,...

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG
Digital burette solarus® - advanced energy concept, precision results
Use of solarus® ensures that the term sustainable" is related directly to work in the laboratory. The unique solar-powered digital burette is powered exclusively using photovoltaic. Power is suppl...

Eppendorf AG
Take Full Advantage of Versatility: Eppendorf SmartExtender now available
The Eppendorf ThermoMixer® series is an established global standard for heating, cooling, and mixing of samples in the lab. All common vessels can be handled by specialized SmartBlocks on top of th...

Retsch Technology GmbH
Fully Automated Static Image Analysis with the New CAMSIZER M1
At this year's Powtech, RETSCH Technology launches the new CAMSIZER M1, a powerful optical particle analyzer which operates on the basis of static image analysis (ISO 13322-1) and covers a measurin...

WITec GmbH
alpha300 Ri - New inverted confocal Raman microscope
WITec has launched the alpha300 Ri inverted Raman microscope. It combines the advantages of data acquisition from below with the established merits of 3D confocal Raman imaging, a powerful and vers...

KRÜSS GmbH Wissenschaftliche Laborgeräte
Real-time Drop Analysis for Inkjet Printing
While inkjet technology is declining in the home and office sectors, industrial applications are recording strong growth. Common problems such as drying nozzles and blurred print images also occur ...

Eppendorf AG
Extended spectrum of applications for centrifugation
Eppendorf has introduced the high-capacity fixed-angle Rotor FA-6x250 for up to 6 x 250 mL bottles. The Rotor FA-6x250 extends the application range of the large benchtop Centrifuges 5910 R and 592...

WITec GmbH
ParticleScout - Determine physical and chemical properties with confocal Raman microscopy
WITec GmbH, pioneer of Raman imaging and correlative microscopy, has introduced ParticleScout, a revolutionary particle analysis tool for the alpha300 Raman microscope series. It enables researcher...

Eppendorf AG
Manual pipetting of 384-well plates made easy
Once throughput increases and sample volumes decrease, users face a dilemma. The so-called "alternate well pipetting method", which uses 8 and 12 channel pipettes to fill 384-well plates, demands i...

New: Fine and powerful comminution with maximum flexibility
Ideal for size-reduction of a wide range of different materials due to variable adjustment of the cutting speed to your sample material and unmatched ease of cleaning...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
IR Spectra Interpretation Tools for Laboratory and Routine Analysis
IR spectrum interpretation is a time consuming task for the analyst in his every day work. With LabCognition's irAnalyze the work load can be easily reduced. With irAnalyze the analyst produces rel...

Fast analysis of particle shape and size of suspensions and powders
Ideal for dry and wet measurement of dry, free-flowing powders, bulk solids, suspensions and emulsions in a measuring range of 20 µm - 20 mm....

Retsch GmbH
New XL Cutting Mill Boosts Sample Throughput
Size reduction of large sample pieces and volumes - with the new SM 400 XL RETSCH have enhanced their cutting mill portfolio by a model for specific requirements. This mill is suitable for primary ...

Eppendorf AG
Control and monitor up to 50 cyclers from a central software application
The Eppendorf CycleManager X50 is the perfect tool for high-throughput standardized protocols where reproducibility and lab efficiency are paramount. In combination with the fast heating and coolin...

KRÜSS GmbH Wissenschaftliche Laborgeräte
Contactless and precise roughness measurement in the lab or directly in the production process
Whether a surface must be very smooth or show a certain texture or degree of roughness, the new Surface Roughness Analyzer - SRA precisely pictures the topographic condition of a surface and provid...

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