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Ayriis - novel contact angle technology for user-independent wetting measurements in quality control


instrument for wetting measurementsContact angles reflect the wettability of a material and are often used for testing surfaces that have been pretreated or cleaned before coating, printing, or bonding. For industrial quality checks of large sample quantities, the method was previously only of limited use because it could not always be applied automatically, and the results often still had to be reviewed.

With Ayriis, KRÜSS has optimized the contact angle method for quality assurance and developed the first solution for measuring the 3D Contact Angle. The instrument creates a virtual 3D model of the water drop dosed during the measurement and determines the contact angle reliably and always automatically on the basis of this spatial image.

The measurement takes only seconds and requires no prior knowledge or training. To prepare the QC checks, sample types can be created via the touch display and tolerance limits for the contact angle can be set. Together with the contact angle result, Ayriis gives a clear passed/failed message based on the defined limits without any necessary evaluation by the inspector.

The novel, highly complex technology for the 3D Contact Angle works with 90 LEDs arranged in a measuring head with precise positioning, whose reflections by the drop are recorded by two cameras. A realistic, virtual 3D model of the drop is created from the analysis of several reflection patterns in rapid succession and a distance measurement by two laser detectors.

Ayriis is designed as a mobile, robust instrument for measurement directly at the production site. It operates completely self-sufficiently, using commercially available, rechargeable batteries and equally easy-to-change cartridges of pure water designed for up to 4,000 measurements. This enables almost uninterrupted use in shift operation.

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