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New Monaco 1300 for Three-Photon Imaging and Optogenetics


Three-photon microscopy at 1300 nmThree-photon microscopy at 1300 nm is gaining popularity due to excellent transmission in brain and other tissues, thus maximizing imaging depth. Two-photon optogenetic stimulation can target specific neuron populations with single cell resolution, enabling all-optical physiology experiments.

Monaco 1300, the latest addition to the Monaco portfolio, caters to researchers in these evolving fields, seeking a low-maintenance, integrated 3P imaging and 2P photo-stimulation source.

Monaco 1300 is a one-box ultrafast laser designed for 3-photon microscopy at 1300 nm and 2-photon optogenetics at 1035 nm. It is available with 1.5 W or 2.5 W of average power, a pulse width <50 fs, and repetition rate options of 1, 2, or 4 MHz.

The optional built-in dispersion pre-compensation and TPC (Total Power Control) fast power modulation, enable a seamless integration with all multiphoton microscopes. Monaco 1300, like its product family, is a hands-free femtosecond laser controlled via a user-friendly GUI, and is designed and manufactured per HALT/HASS protocols to ensure industrial quality and reliability.

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