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IR milk analyzer MIRA - developed for the needs of today's dairy industry


The MIRA from Bruker is a pre-calibrated, high-precision IR milk analyzer. The device offers a cost-effective way of quality control of milk, whey and cream.

The MIRA analyzes important parameters such as fat, protein, total solids and lactose in seconds. This allows you to make necessary process adjustments quickly.

The high-performance homogenizer ensures uniformly homogenized samples for high reproducibility and accuracy. Optionally, the MIRA milk analyzer can also determine the freezing point.

MIRA infrared (IR) milk analyzer
MIRA infrared (IR) milk analyzer
Your benefits

The MIRA milk analyzer enables you to carry out reliable quality control. The most important benefits are:

  • Easy operation
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Low operating costs
  • User-independent results
  • Automatic cleaning / zeroing

Easy to use

The user is guided through the process by intuitive software. The MIRA Milk Analyzer automatically measures the attached sample after the user has selected the sample type and entered the sample ID.

Product-specific, ready-to-use calibrations are easy to set up and provide accurate results. In addition, the user can develop special calibrations for customer-specific products with minimal effort.

Proven Quality

Over 25 years of experience in developing solutions for the dairy industry and Bruker's highest quality standards stand for themselves. Our systems have been running for many years at numerous milk producers worldwide. This allows our customers to benefit from significant cost savings.

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