New Mixer Mill is a real alternative to Planetary Ball Mills

RETSCH presents the first Impact Ball Mill in the world that can efficiently wet-mill samples to nanosized particles with only minor warming effects. Performance, handling, application fields and design of the MM 500 make it the perfect combination of a classic Mixer Mill and a Planetary Ball Mill!

When it comes to long-term grindings of several hours with high energy input to obtain particles sizes < 1 µm, e. g. for mechanical alloying or chemical reactions, Planetary Ball Mills have been the instruments of choice so far. Despite their benefits for this type of application, they have the drawback of requiring cooling breaks and are not as easy to handle as Mixer Mills.

The new Mixer Mill MM 500 features a maximum frequency of 35 Hz and is the first Mixer Mill in the market which comes with the crushing power to produce particles in the nanometer range. It accommodates 2 grinding jars sized 50 ml, 80 ml or 125 ml and with its suitability for long-term grinding processes up to 99 hours, it is a real alternative to Planetary Ball Mills - with all the benefits a Mixer Mills offers like comfortable handling and less warming effects.

New Mixer Mill i from RetschBenefits at a glance:

  • Powerful grinding with up to 35 Hz
  • Grind sizes < 100 nm
  • Grinding jar volumes 50 ml, 80 ml, 125 ml
  • Screw-Lock jars, pressure-tight up to 5 bar
  • Suitable for long-term grinding up to 99 h, usually without cooling breaks
  • 3 different grinding modes (dry, wet or cryogenic)
  • Jars may stay clamped while taking a sub-sample or checking the particle size
  • Memory for 12 SOPs and 4 program cycles
  • Can be controlled via the optional RETSCH App

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