New cell culture inserts for more flexibility in cell cultivation

Cell culture insert 2 in 1
first cell culture insert that can
be used in both a hanging and
standing position
Cell cultivation has been an indispensable tool in research and quality assurance for more than 100 years. For transferable results, cells must be cultivated under conditions that are as close to reality as possible.

Cell culture inserts allow researchers to imitate the natural cellular environment and open up unique experimental opportunities compared with the two-dimensional method on the bottom of culture vessels. With inserts, communication between different cell types can be analyzed by co-cultivation or studying the transcellular transport of substances.

In addition, cell culture inserts can be used to investigate the reaction of cells to various substances, e.g. with chemotaxis, drug transport and migration assays. Last but not least, 3D epithelial models cultivated in cell culture inserts are used to estimate the corrosive or irritating properties of chemicals on human skin.

Plates insert 2 in 1
available for 6-, 12-, or 24-well
Earlier cell culture insert systems had several shortcomings. Prior to starting the test, users had to decide whether they wanted to utilize the cell culture inserts in Petri dishes or multi-well plates in a standing or hanging position.

If it became evident during initial tests that the other way of cultivation would be more suitable, the entire setup would have to be changed, which is both time-consuming and costly. This meant changing the cultivation surfaces and thus a change of test parameters.

The BRAND® Insert 2in1 eliminates these shortcomings. As the first cell culture insert in the market that can be used both in a hanging and standing position without any additional accessories, it gives users complete flexibility. Equipped with a catch hook and three stands, the inserts perfectly fit in 6-, 12-, and 24-well plates. This design allows for adequate space for a clean, low-contamination change of media. If the inserts are placed in a standing or hanging position, the stands and hooks ensure that the membrane is placed securely over the bottom of the cell culture vessel with a parallel orientation.

Many cell lines thrive particularly well thanks to the cellGrade™ plus surface - without any additional coatings. Consistent cell growth ensures reproducible results for a wide variety of analyses.

BRAND Cell culture inserts are available individually packaged or in multi-packs for practical use and conservation of resources. Depending on the size, the multi-packs contain six, twelve, or 24 inserts, which can be removed in groups of three as needed, while the rest of the inserts remain in the sterile packaging.

The biocompatibility of the PC and PET membranes is also certified in accordance with USP Class VI. This keeps interaction between the plastic and the cells as low as possible, so as to obtain valid results.

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