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  • Spontaneous superconducting currents in Sr2RuO4
    Superconductivity is a complete loss of electrical resistance. Superconductors are not merely very good metals: it is a fundamentally different electronic state. In normal metals, electrons move in...
  • Enantiomorph distribution maps for metals and metallic alloys
    Left- or right-handedness is a symmetry property that many macroscopic objects also exhibit and which is of immense importance, particularly for the bioactivity of organic molecules. Chirality is a...
  • Unconventional order in a low-dimensional magnet
    The analogy between the behaviour of different quantum particles which have the same quantum nature is one of the most fascinating aspects of science. A simple but prominent example is the analogy ...
  • New understanding of electron interactions
    Electrons flow through most materials more like a gas than a fluid, meaning they don't interact much with one another. It was long hypothesized that electrons could flow like a fluid, but only rece...

  • Weyl semimetals split water
    Catalysis significantly affects our way of life. Catalysis plays an important role in many biological and technological processes. For example, the world's food supply is based on a famous catalyt...