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  • Beat plastic pollution with ISO standards
    Plastic is an important material in our economy and daily lives. It has multiple functions that can help tackle a number of the challenges facing our society, be it packaging that ensures food safe...

  • SO/IEC 17025 moves to final stage of revision
    Calibration as well as testing and analysing a sample is the daily practice of more than 60 000 laboratories worldwide, but how can they reassure customers about the reliability of their results? ...
  • What makes a food ingredient "natural"?
    When is a food ingredient considered as "natural"? Until now, there was no internationally agreed definition of a "natural" food ingredient, but a new ISO technical specification will help the food...

  • PDF format becomes ISO standard
    The Portable Document Format (PDF), undeniably one of the most commonly used formats for electronic documents, is now accessible as an ISO International Standard - ISO 32000-1. This move follows a ...