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  • An affordable way to store clean energy
    Renewable energy sources can fluctuate in the amount of power they are able to provide - which is why batteries are used to temporarily store the energy. The problem with lithium ion batteries is t...

  • Biomass can be utilized for energy recovery
    Sewage sludge, green waste, production residue from the food industry, straw or animal excrement - with the "biobattery's" modular concept a much larger range of biomass can be utilized for energy ...
  • Finding valuable materials in metallurgical dumps
    Since metallic raw materials are scarce in Germany, it is reliant on imports. Yet some of these valuable materials are lying around unnoticed in dumps. Fraunhofer researchers are now compiling a Ge...
  • Proteins from rice - raw materials instead of waste
    Proteins remain after starch is extracted from rice. Until now, this valuable raw material was disposed of by rice starch producers at great expense. A new process is being developed to split prote...