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Dynamic Biosensors' switchSENSE technology receives second major laboratory award


For the second time this year, Dynamic Biosensors GmbH was honoured for its innovative switchSENSE™ technology for molecular interaction analysis and biophysical characterization. During the 2014 MipTec Conference & Exhibition, which was held in Basel (Switzerland) from 22nd to 24th September, the switchSENSE-based DRX 2400 system won the MipTec 2014 New Product Innovation Award. A jury of reputable industry experts acknowledged the switchSENSE-based DRX 2400 system as a valuable new tool for drug development.

In January 2014, the DRX 2400 system had already been awarded the New Product Award of the Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) during the Third Annual SLAS Conference and Exhibition in San Diego (CA). The company's patented switchSENSE™ technology enables academic researchers and commercial laboratories to investigate in real time, the interaction of molecules and change in biophysical characteristics.

"We are delighted to receive this award from MipTec on behalf of the drug discovery community." said Dr. Ulrich Rant, Founder and CEO of Dynamic Biosensors. "switchSENSE™ offers a new suite of high resolution and highly flexible tools to accelerate the screening and characterisation of target molecules."

switchSENSE™ tracks the movement and change of movement of DNA nanolevers mounted on gold electrodes. The flexible architectures enables interaction and pathway analysis between a variety of species (proteins, nucleic acids, antibodies, small molecules) at previously unmeasurable levels of sensitivity. Unlike existing technologies in this field, the system also provides detailed information about the size, conformational changes, thermal and chemical stability.

The technology is realised using the company's DRX 2400 autoloader instrument and microfluidic chips. Each chip combines 24 electrodes, DNA encoded targets and microfluidic channels in a 4 x 6 format offering parallel and high throughput analysis of interactions.

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Source: Dynamic Biosensors GmbH