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Market Statistics, Facts and Technical Data on Bioplastics


The Hanover IfBB - Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites provides extensive data pertaining to the bioplastics market. For the first time, an Internet platform is set up to offer wide-ranging information including graphs and charts, which is relevant to current and future markets for bio-based plastics. The information is available for download free of charge.

In this milestone attempt, the most important market-related and technical facts on bioplastics are presented in a comprehensive, highly transparent and coherent way. Free access and the desired degree of transparency shall be taken as a baseline for entering into more factual debates, with less emotional punch, on all issues concerning bioplastics.

Specifically, the IfBB platform serves to illustrate the basic parameters for the production of bioplastic materials, for example process routes, land use, or resource expenditure. Process routes are delineated in detail from the raw material to the finished product, describing the individual process steps, intermediate products, and input-output streams.

As another essential feature, up-to-date market figures are offered, for example, on current production capacities for bioplastics, capacity developments over a five-year period, geographic distribution, fields of application for bioplastics within certain market segments (agricultural sector/crop farming, catering, bottles, other types of packaging including carrying bags and waste bags, construction, pharmaceuticals/medicine, product/consumer or technical applications including electronics and automotive parts, monetary market volumes for individual materials, applications, regions, etc.).

To allow quick access to the data, the statistics are classified into categories such as feedstock and land use requirements, specific biopolymer yields, process route charts, or extensive market figures on production capacities.

Source: Hochschule Hannover