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Vialis AG and iFactory Announce Partnership to Deliver Real-Time Scheduling to Laboratories


Vialis has announced a strategic partnership with iFactory Inc. to deliver real-time scheduling ability to the life sciences laboratory environment. iFactory's real-time scheduling complements Vialis' expertise in life sciences process optimization and further strengthens their paperless lab concept integrating modular solutions in a single workflow.

iFactory has adapted its patented manufacturing scheduling algorithm to offer intelligent, real-time scheduling to the laboratory environment delivering increased instrument load, resource productivity and on-time release. iLAB's ground-breaking functionality is possible because it is not tied to a set of predefined rules; instead it analytically explores a large solution space, compares possible schedules and automatically selects the best schedule based on the optimization criteria.

iLAB's innovative technology empower managers with better control of lab operations and the ability to realize previously unattainable productivity. The scheduler enables lab managers to proactively explore "what-if" scenarios to assist in strategic decision making and resource planning. iLAB is also able to generate and send up-to-date duty roster to workstations, tablets and handhelds.

"We are excited to partner with Vialis adding real-time scheduling to their Paperless Lab Solutions portfolio. There is a real need for automated scheduling in laboratories due to stricter regulations, increased workloads, and increasingly complex processes. Our solution represents the next generation of scheduling. It considers all complexities and constraints of laboratory operations and delivers optimized schedules which increase productivity and efficiency using existing resources", stated iFactory's CEO, Rainer Thierauf.

"We see a tremendous need for real-time scheduling in the lab domain at most of our customers. iFactory's technological capabilities adapted to the lab domain ideally complement the process optimization initiatives that we support at so many customers by improving resource utilization and shortening cycle times. iFactory's patented scheduling engine is the optimal extension to any Paperless Lab environment guaranteeing higher operational efficiency and continuous improvement", commented Dr. Ulf Fuchslueger, CEO, Vialis AG.

Quelle: Vialis AG