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Eurofins pioneers Allergen multi-screening in a single analysis


Eurofins has developed a methodology that allows direct detection of proteins from allergenic compounds in a single analysis using mass spectrometry (MS). Consistent with its mission of being at the forefront of laboratory testing innovation, Eurofins' scientists have developed a method for allergen multi-screening effectively and at a reasonable cost.

Current methodologies only indirectly detect allergens typically one at a time. The new method allows multiple direct detection of proteins from allergenic compounds in a single analysis using mass spectrometry. It allows simple and easy identification of many allergens in complex food matrices, which leads to better risk management for food manufacturers, and ultimately, safer products for the consumers.

The new MS-based methodology enables detection of 7 of the 14 groups that require labeling according to the European Commission's allergen regulation (68/2007/EC) in one single analysis. In addition, the analysis also covers gluten regulation (41/2009/EC). Importantly, the direct detection of analytes significantly reduces the probability of false negative or false positive test results. Furthermore, the turnaround time (TAT) and the cost of multi-screening are significantly lower than for individual ELISA based tests.

Bert Popping, Director of Molecular Biology and Immunology at Eurofins, comments: "We are very pleased to have the co-operation of big food companies, the European Commission and other experts in this endeavour. We are optimistic that this development will lead to routine release analysis of food products using the technology which allows the detection of all relevant allergens in a single analysis".

Source: Eurofins Scientific