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NiKem Research receives certification for GLP Bioanalysis


NiKem Research announced that it has received, from the Italian Ministry of Health, GLP certification of its bioanalysis facilities to further extend its drug discovery service capabilities.

NiKem Research has provided for many years high quality cost-effective bioanalytical support both for its in vitro ADME(T) and in vivo PK services associated to various drug discovery programs and as a standalone capability. We are now able to offer, as a new product, our bioanalysis as a GLP service to support our clients preclinical PK and toxicology studies. The new capability allows Nikem to analyse biological samples from all preclinical species, in particular providing GLP method development by HPLC or UPLC/MS/MS, resolving clients analytical bottlenecks by providing GLP bioanalytical support for GLP samples sent by the client, providing, in partnership with EU based companies, specialized in GLP animal dosing, a complete preclinical PK and Toxicokinetic GLP service with NiKem providing the GLP bioanalysis and project co-ordination.

Giuseppe Giardina, CEO & Managing Director of NiKem, said "This new product is an important step in NiKem's continuing expansion of its high quality, cost effective services to support progression of our clients' drug discovery programmes".

Quelle: NiKem Research