Chemical Analyst (m/f/d)

  • Perform routine chemical analyses using a wide variety of wet chemistry and instrumentation analysis as directed by a Supervisor or sub-supervisor. Instrumentation analyses may include pH, Conductivity, UV-Vis, Viscosity, Flame Atomic Absorption, Melting Point, Specific Rotation, Karl Fischer, FTIR, Osmolality, and TOC. Wet chemistry analyses may include TLC, ID testing, Bulk Gas Testing, Manual (Acid-Base, Complexiometric, Redox) Titrations, Common Gravimetric Tests (Insoluble Matter, Loss on Drying, Residue on Ignition), Limit Test, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Specific Gravity, Potentiometric Titrations, and Glass testing.
  • Calculate results using pre-defined computer programs or calculators and enter data on detailed test records and in computer database
  • Perform reagent preparation and standardization of volumetric solutions
  • Perform routine calibration of lab instruments and clean lab equipment
  • Peer review of test results may be required
  • Receive and log samples in LIMS
  • Report testing results in SAP
  • Other Duties as assigned
  • Two years college-level coursework in Chemistry, including Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry, plus one year applicable experience in analytical chemistry in a lab setting or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Occasional lifting up to 25 pounds. Frequent bending and twisting at the waist and neck. Special vision requirements for certain tests. Ability to work with chemicals

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Berkeley [USA]