Chemical Operator (m/f/d)

  • Perform all tasks with safety of self and fellow workers as the highest priority.
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures outlined in the company Safety Manual.
  • Read and carefully follow all procedures and Job Safety Analyses.
  • Loading and unloading tank trucks, rail cars and ISO containers.
  • Unloading palletized goods from trucks and moving to warehouse or the process unit.
  • Filling and emptying drums.
  • Taking production samples and running wet lab tests.
  • Connecting/disconnecting hoses and opening/closing valves.
  • Use the DCS (distributed control system) to monitor the process and manipulate process variables.
  • Troubleshoot process, equipment and instrument problems
  • Taking readings, making rounds and preparing written records.
  • Communicating with fellow workers via radio and in-person.
  • Taking measurements and performing mathematical calculations.
  • Changing pipe strainers and changing sock (bag) filters.
  • Issuing safe work permits for maintenance and construction personnel.
  • Participating in teams to improve work practices and processes.
  • Maintain excellent housekeeping in accordance with company standards. Regular cleaning, including the use of pressure washers, is expected.
  • Train and qualify as an internal ISO auditor.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor or manager.
  • Process Technician degree or science related Bachelors' degree required.
  • Have 0-10 years of process plant or liquids loading experience. A minimum of 2 years is preferred.
  • Knowledge of process equipment (pumps, valves, heat exchangers, reactors, etc.).
  • Ability to read and follow procedures and process flow diagrams.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in CLTT (Clear, Lock, Tag and Try)
  • Basic knowledge of computers including e-mail and MS Word.

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Evonik Industries AG
Deer Park, Texas [USA]