Tentamus Group GmbH

Lean Manager (m/f/d)

Tentamus is based in Berlin / Germany with laboratories and offices globally. Tentamus offers a full range of services through a group of medium-sized laboratories in the life sciences sector. Increasingly complex customer requirements are being fulfilled through combining laboratories that are each respected leaders in their particular segment - thus providing global solutions with local contacts.

Role and objectives:

  • Improve operations efficiency of the laboratories. Streamline the operational processes by using LEAN practices and approaches, and by making good use of IT so as to achieve high efficiency.
  • Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company's LIMS and ensure its efficient usage at all levels of the laboratory to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Increase cost effectiveness and profitability to meet best industry standards in all activities.
  • Define and agree goals and milestones with the site directors and ensure goals are defined and communicated to their respective teams. Optimize and refine customer centric KPIs to monitor progress.
  • The Lean Manager will ensure that all identified and successfully tested practices are documented so they can be shared with other locations, using standardized templates.
  • Ensure that all operations have appropriate systems, work ethics and policies in place to guarantee high quality of service to clients.


  • Masters / PhD degree in chemistry, or other related degree concentration, or equivalent directly-related experience.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience, preferably in the life science or business services sector in a mid-size environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills as this role will interface a lot with local resources and experts to understand and document processes.
  • Strong problem-solver with "can-do" mentality, able to both pragmatically defines solutions and capture and understand all relevant details when necessary.
  • Excellent English oral and written a must. German / Spanish considered as a plus.

13088 Berlin
Contact details:
Tentamus Group GmbH
An der Industriebahn 5
D-13088 Berlin
Web: www.tentamus.com



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