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(Junior) Scientist - Pharma - Bioassays (m/f/d)


Your Qualifications:

  • Apprenticeship as a Laboratory Technician (EFZ) 5+ years' experience or Bachelor's/Master's degree in biology, life science, immunology or related field
  • Demonstrated aptitude for laboratory-based work; cell culture experience is a must (primary cells and cell lines)
  • Strong attention to detail and willingness to work independently in the laboratory
  • Ability to troubleshoot and optimize existing and newly established cell-based assays
  • Comfortable using ELN, GraphPad Prism, JMP and other laboratory-related software tools
  • A basic understanding of the method development process
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills (English required, German is a plus)

Your Tasks:

  • Planning, execution and analysis of experiments for the development of phase-appropriate cell-based bioassays, biochemical assays and immunoassays to support process and product development
  • Performing proof-of-concept studies and completing the feasibility testing of analytical methods
  • Documentation of experiments (e.g. writing protocols, summaries, and short reports) in English
  • Maintenance of cell cultures and cryo stock inventory
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory infrastructure (e.g. supplies, equipment maintenance)

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Eurofins Professional Scientific Services
Basel [CH]