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Scientific Associate in E&L and Organic Trace Analysis (m/f/d)


  • Using State-of-the-Art technology to perform extractable and leachable studies of primary packaging and process equipment for pharmaceutical products, or impurity identificationStructure elucidation: Evaluation of MS and MS2 data for E&L studies or impurity identification, performed by our team using state-of-art analytical technologies, such as HRAM-LC/MS and HRAM-GC/MS.
  • Planning studies: Writing of study protocols, reports and, SOP's for E&L studies
  • Review of study documents written by other team members
  • Optimize our team's data evaluation workflows, using e.g. Compound Discoverer Software from ThermoFisher Scientific (or other SW tools)
  • Targeted analysis: Perform/manage projects for HRAM-LC/MS method development and validation for trace analysis of impurities in pharmaceutical products in a GMP regulated environment.
  • We are looking for team players, who want to improve their personal capabilities - and share their knowledge with our team.
  • Capability and interest to learn new analytical technologies and developing new analytical approaches, is required to solve the (often complex) problems of our customers
  • Professional experience in structure elucidation by HRAM-LC/MS and HRAM-GC/MS is highly desirable - experienced organic chemists will also be considered.
  • Reliability and efficiency in your daily work style is 100% required - professional experience in a GMP regulated environment is an advantage
  • Knowledge of modern software such as Compound Discoverer, Chromeleon, FreeStyle, Xcalibur and MassFrontier is an advantage.
  • English and German language skills (written and spoken) are required - other languages (French, Spanish e.g.) are beneficial

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Solvias AG
4303 Kaiseraugst [CH]