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mRNA, Associate Scientist / Scientist, High-Throughput HT Plasmid and mRNA Production - Vaccine (m/f/d)


About you:

  • B.S. in a related field (e.g., Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology) and 6+ years of pharmaceutical / biotech experience
  • M.S. in a related field (e.g., Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology) and 3+ years of pharmaceutical/biotech experience
  • PhD, no post doc experience required
  • Desire to work in a team-first, fast-paced environment, learn new skills, and to efficiently solve problems
  • The ideal candidate should be able to independently design, execute, interpret and troubleshoot the workflow
  • Attention to detail & meticulous record keeping
  • Experience with PCR protocol optimization is required
  • Troubleshooting Gibson / Hi-Fi Assembly reaction is highly preferred
  • Hands on experience with liquid handling systems such as Hamilton or Tecan
  • Must be proficient in different cloning techniques like Golden Gate, Gibson Assembly, restriction-based cloning. Independently design expression vectors, primer design, qPCR, capillary & gel electrophoresis, Sanger sequence data analysis, experience with bioinformatics search tools like NCBI BLAST, Uniport etc. Experience with DNA sequence analysis and design software like Vector NTI and Geneious are highly preferred. Small scale DNA extraction experience including bacterial transformation, bacterial culture, plasmid DNA purification
  • Experience in analytical and molecular biology methods relevant to plasmid DNA
  • Knowledge of high throughput DNA extraction methodologies is a plus
  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment

In this role you will:

  • Lead and Support in-house high-throughput plasmid and mRNA synthesis workflow
  • Generate DNA templates via PCR. Carry out PCR optimization as necessary
  • Hands on experience with Gibson Assembly/Hi-Fi Assembly reactions is required
  • Experience with DNA sequence alignments and data analysis using Geneious is required
  • High-throughput E. coli culturing, plasmid extraction and clonal selection is highly desirable
  • Experience with RNA synthesis, purification and characterization is required
  • Focus on design, synthesis, and purification of a wide range of plasmid constructs in parallel for fast progression of Sanofi vaccine programs
  • Provide accurate and reproducible execution of analytical characterization for full release panel for plasmid DNA
  • Prepare technical reports, presentations, and recommendations to management and other stakeholders
  • This will be primarily a lab-based position

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