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Scientist - Enzymology of Protein and RNA Degradation (m/f/d)


Basic Qualifications

  • PhD in Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry, Structural Biology, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.
  • Strong scientific reasoning, data analysis and problem-solving skills as evidenced by high impact scientific publications.
  • Highly motivated to work in a cross-functional and fast-paced environment.
  • Work independently to plan, lead, and perform experiments.
  • Ability to develop a deep understanding of projects aimed at discovering novel therapeutics.
  • Strong understanding of basic protein biochemistry and biophysics principles, including those pertaining to enzyme kinetics, protein complex formation, and protein-substrate interactions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years of postdoctoral or industry experience.
  • Prior experience with the purification and the biochemical and/or biophysical characterization of challenging proteins including protein and RNA complexes.
  • Expert user of FPLC (AKTA PURE or Avant) and HPLC systems (Waters or Agilent).
  • Solid understanding of protein analytical techniques to study macromolecules including SEC, SEC-MALS, DLS, thermal shift assay, mass photometry and LC-MS.
  • Experience in protein expression in E.coli and insect cells.
  • Familiarity with protein modeling and design tools such as MOE, Rosetta or Schrödinger.
  • Knowledge of protein/RNA degradation mechanisms and in particular the biochemistry of ubiquitin ligases or RNases.
  • Practical knowledge of techniques to investigate protein interactions such as HDX, XL-MS, SPR and SAXS is a plus.
  • Practical experience in structural biology including crystallography or cryoEM as demonstrated by solving molecular structures of protein complexes is a desirable but not a requirement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Planning, design, implementation, and documentation of laboratory studies related to the studying of protein complexes involved in protein degradation.
  • Design of DNA constructs and the use of rational and computational tools for the engineering of protein constructs to ensure successful protein expression, purification and structural determination.
  • Perform expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant proteins to support various aspects of drug discovery efforts related to Targeted Protein and RNA Degradation.
  • Perform biochemical, biophysical and structural characterization of protein complexes.
  • Study of protein-protein, protein-RNA interactions and enzymology of protein ubiquitination reactions.
  • Collaborate within and across interdisciplinary teams to advance our understanding of Targeted Protein and RNA Degradation mechanisms.

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Amgen Ltd.
Thousand Oaks, California